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Black Forest: The great adventures for dreamers in Germany


The Black Forest is a wonderful gift that nature gives to Germany, a wonderland with mysterious stories, poetic pine forests, and dreamy green hills.


The Black Forest (Schwarzwald) located in the state of Baden Wuerttemberg in southwestern Germany is considered the "lung" of the Europe's leading country, a destination attracting not only tourists but also many scientists.


Why should you travel to the Black Forest?



Surrounded by the Rhine valley, with an area of ??60 km wide and 200 km long, Germany's Black Forest is the largest forest in the region. The green forests next to the towering mountains interspersed with the sound of calm rivers and fast flowing waterfalls create a picture of fairy-tale beauty in modern Germany.



The forest becomes a destination not to be missed for anyone traveling to Germany with a love of nature and a passion for discovering interesting things. The name Silva Nigra (Black Forest) dates back to the ancient Roman period, 12 centuries ago, when the coniferous trees in the forest grew dense, along with the covered lakes and valleys, creating a mysterious, ghostly figure blocking the light.

对于任何热爱自然、热爱发现有趣事物的人来说,德国森林是一个不容错过的目的地。Silva Nigra(黑森林)这个名字可以追溯到12个世纪前的古罗马时期,当时森林里的针叶树茂密,湖泊和山谷被覆盖,创造出一个神秘的、幽灵般的身影挡住了光线。


Based on the density of tree species, Black forest is divided into three parts in the north, middle, and south directions. Visitors from different directions will admire different scenes.



If you go north of the Black Forest from Baden to Freudenstadt, the scenery that appears before your eyes is the stretch of beautiful pine and fir. Their serene color and beauty make you feel like you are lost in the ancient world where there are enchanting mystical stories. A wild beauty of a perfect primeval forest touches delicate emotions, making it difficult to escape.


Conversely, if you go to the south from Freiburg im Breisgau to the Swiss border, now you will be free to jump on the green meadows next to the high mountains. Grass here is often used by people to feed animals, bringing a large benefit to the land. You may feel like a nomad hanging out in the wind of freedom and freedom.



Visitors can explore the Black Forest seasonally and enjoy different, unique experiences. Each season, the black forest gives you its own experiences and vibes.



You can enjoy the romantic springtime atmosphere in the Black Forest, walk around the garden to watch the life begin to revive, or go skiing in Feldberg. In the summer, people often go surfing on the lake or Titisee.



In the process of planning to explore the Black Forest, you can choose to stay in a 5-star hotel, or if you like the space in harmony with nature, the bungalows deep in the forest, sleep at the canvas tent or Self-camping are great options for the experience. Here offers tent rental services with furniture, bed inside, kitchenware, fully equipped private fire space.



The experiences you cannot miss when coming to this beautiful forest are taking an ancient steam train through the Black Forest, boating at Schluchsee, going out at Lake Titisee, watching Germany's largest waterfall - Triberger Waterfall, hot bath In the city of Baden-Baden, drive along the most beautiful street in Germany.



Another special thing that can not be ignored when coming to this old land is to learn about the ancient castles, there are about 17,000 castles built in the Black Forest, a staggering number. You can visit, learn about architecture as well as interesting stories about them. In addition, taking a train through the Höllental valley, visiting the Furtwangen clock museum, trekking through pristine roads... are all once-in-a-lifetime experiences you should try when coming to the Black Forest.


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